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Whatever the need may be, no matter how many times we’ve worked together, you’ll always get a free diagnosis or consultation. Doug’s one-on-one level solutions enable you as a consumer to be sure you’re shopping for the right product or solution before you ever spend a cent.

Doug is proud to offer his concierge level Server Repair services to all of the Central Florida area, with no charges for delivery or pickup.

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Doug’s Mission
🔖 Our Promise

My goal isn’t to just fix your PC and leave, but to ensure you have the solution to your problem. Often times a part or new piece of software isn’t the right choice, and I’m here to help you understand the tools and resources available to you, offer personalized training, and give you everything you need to succeed in this ever-changing technological world.

From Apple to Windows and beyond, Doug handles it all!

Windows PC Repair

Most businesses run on Windows, which means productivty loss if it’s not running well. We handle Windows, Office, and various other softwares to help you get back to normal.

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Apple PC Repair

With so many creatives and developers using Mac devices, it’s no surprise folks need more and more help with the latest updates, software installations and more. That’s where Doug comes in.

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Server Repair

You’d be surprised how many critically important servers are barely hanging on. Poor ventilation, water issues, and more can turn your smooth operation into a chaotic nightmare in seconds costing you hours and money.

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Phone & Tablet Repair

It seems everyone is working on the go today, and a problem with your mobile device almost always happens when you need it most. No problem, Doug’s here when you need him most too.

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Phones & Networking

Business phones are complicated and slowly becoming obsolete. But that doesn’t mean we don’t need them daily. A networking or phone system issue causes communication problems with your team and customers, costing you money.

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Software Training

With so many new technologies available today, it’s hard to stay up to date. Doug understands this, and provides 1-on-1 training for the most popular softwares and tools in use today.

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Tech & Productivity Blog

I love learning and helping people. So that's why you can always find up to date helpful information about anything related to hardware, software, Phones & Tablets, and so much more here on my blog!

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I’m Buying a New Computer Doug, Help!

Great! Just like any tool whether a wrench, stereo or car, replacing an important tool like your computer isn’t as […]

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