Hi, I’m Doug

Son of a son, son of a son, son of a son of a SAILOR

Born in South Texas near the Mexican border, then bouncing all over the Mid-West & Eastern Seaboard with his mother until finally landing in Central Florida, Doug Montgomery has always had to make things work, no matter where he goes.

Today, he is known as a the exciting person dedicated to helping people and businesses find solutions to their goals online with Douglife Marketing, and helping his local community step into the 21st century through Doug Help.

Before joining the online community, Douglas spent much of his time working with different retail companies all over the state of Florida in the 90’s and early 2000’s, obtaining various awards and medals for his outstanding sales and customer service techniques.

Doug has implemented his experience in sales, marketing, and customer service into his various online businesses, which now serves some of the largest names online in terms of hosting, gaming and entertainment.

For the past 25 years Doug has centered himself among many communities online, helping to build solutions to every-day tasks and notes that the money isn’t his driving factor, but the thrill of helping people succeed is.

Reliable Solutions for Today’s Future

Our commitment to keeping businesses and individuals running smoothly is what fills our passion, and guides us through the future as we strive to stay on top of the latest technological advancements.

All while keeping the best things about humanity in tact.


Douglas Montgomery

Owner & Founder


Licensed & Insured

Everything we do is insured to protect both of us! We are a proud Florida business serving the local area.


We Donate Time

We are proud to help local shelters with computer repair, replacement and training services for no cost.


Money-Back Guarantee

If you’re not happy, I’m not happy. A job isn’t done until we both agree it is, or your money back!

Serving This ENTIRE Area!

If you’re inside this zone, I can help same day!

Featured Services

From Apple to Windows and beyond, Doug handles it all!

Windows PC Repair

Most businesses run on Windows, which means productivty loss if it’s not running well. We handle Windows, Office, and various other softwares to help you get back to normal.

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Apple PC Repair

With so many creatives and developers using Mac devices, it’s no surprise folks need more and more help with the latest updates, software installations and more. That’s where Doug comes in.

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Software Training

With so many new technologies available today, it’s hard to stay up to date. Doug understands this, and provides 1-on-1 training for the most popular softwares and tools in use today.

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Tech & Productivity Blog

I love learning and helping people. So that's why you can always find up to date helpful information about anything related to hardware, software, Phones & Tablets, and so much more here on my blog!

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I’m Buying a New Computer Doug, Help!

Great! Just like any tool whether a wrench, stereo or car, replacing an important tool like your computer isn’t as […]

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