What does the average computer repair cost?

Welcome to the first of many articles I plan to write as I begin 2022 and start to offer computer repair and training services to the local area. If you didn’t already know, you can check out my services or request a free quote anytime!

Computer repair to me involves both Windows, Mac, Linux and Android based systems and repair any issues they may be having. Often times these Operating Systems use similar hardware so it’s easy for me here at Doug, Help! to repair and maintain almost any type of computer system.

As is with any technical service now a days, there are many choices for repairing computers, or even replacing them altogether. Usually these choices bill hourly, unless for instance you have a maintenance contract or other type of service agreement.

To make things easier for my customers and the readers of this article, I have compiled a list of the top job service websites and what they suggest the hourly rates are for computer repair services in 2021.

# Highest AmountWebsiteAvg. Hourly Rate
2Home Advisor45-90$
4Cost Owl50-80$
2021 Average Hourly Rate for Computer Repair Services

Price factors

Expensive parts, technicians with high skill levels, and constantly updating technology thrown into the same equation, it’s no wonder that computer repairs can get expensive quickly. Doug, Help! is aware of this and strives to provide extremely accurate quotes and part costs through transparent communication.

Signs you should hire Doug, Help!

Sometimes, a quick DIY fix (like freeing up storage, buying a new power cable, updating your software, etc.) will solve your computer problems. Other times, you need to hire Doug, Help! because the following are problems should handled by a professional:

  • Your system is suddenly and inexplicably slow. If you’ve got plenty of hard drive space, loads of RAM and your software is up to date, it’s time to bring your computer to a professional.
  • Your hard drive has crashed and you’re worried you’ve lost everything on it. Data recovery can be an intense operation. If there’s damage to your hard drive, a computer technician may be able to salvage what’s stored on it and replace it with a new one. 
  • Your screen, graphics card or other internal device needs replacement. Certain computers are much more amenable to user fixes than others. If you don’t know your way around the inside of a computer, bring it to a professional. [1]

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Our Computer Repair Service Guarantee

We guarantee all our work for 10 days, which is ample time for you to see if your system is working the way you need it to.