I’m Buying a New Computer Doug, Help!

I’m Buying a New Computer Doug, Help!

Great! Just like any tool whether a wrench, stereo or car, replacing an important tool like your computer isn’t as easy as heading down to the local store for a few pieces of wood, and I’m glad you’re here so I can help you out!

Computer Buying Criteria

As with any computer these days, technology changes so fast, and the computer’s needs often times change with that.

Identifying YOUR needs:

All computers are configured differently, and some have more resources in areas than others, so as a first step it’s important to decide what the main purpose of the computer.

Types of Computers:

Basic / Web Surfer

This is a basic computer, not many bells and whistles, and may come with one specific extra set of resources, like RAM, or hard drive space.

This computer is good for the person who does some online shopping, checks email, and possibly some video chatting with relatives and friends.

Specs to look for:

  • 8GB of RAM +
  • “SSD Hard drive”
  • FHD (Full High Definition) Screen
Avg price range: $500 – $700

These computers tend to be on the lower end of the cost spectrum, and often times just like cars, you can get a year old model for quite a price drop, and still get many of the features listed above.

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Intermediate / Savvy User

A computer for someone who has a strong sense of the web, who uses lots of web-based tools to accomplish tasks and deliverables, and potentially doing some editing of videos or photos.

Specs to look for:

  • 16GB of RAM+
  • Dedicated Video Card
  • USB-C Ports
Avg price range: $800 – $1200

These computers can be a bit more expensive, but usually still stay competitive and with a little bit of effort, you can find a great deal and still get all of your needs.

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Expert / Work User / Gamer

A computer that’s being used for work or gaming requires a lot of resources throughout the infrastructure, along with other necessary items like extra cooling, more sturdy casing, and overall more high-end specs.

Specs to look for:

  • 16GB of RAM+
  • “SSD Hard Drive”
  • Dedicated Video Card
  • FHD Screen
  • USB-C ports
  • Aluminum or Steel body and case
  • Additional ventilation (Fans or vents)
Avg price range: $1700 – $2400

These computers are often a shock to many folks who have spent much less on computers most of their lives. Be sure to find a good balance between cost and resources, because you can almost always upgrade later!

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Where do I buy a computer?

There are many big-box retail stores that sell big-brand names like HP, Dell, Apple and other major computer companies within most metro areas, and a great start is a place like Best Buy who have dedicated staff to help you answer questions.

In addition to retail stores, many of the big online stores have also started selling computers as well.

You can check out:

For any pre-built computer, whether it’s a laptop or desktop, and most of these stores have a great return policy, along with free shipping. (which is great for such a heavy package!)

Furthermore, many folks tend to find working with a local computer expert easier and more cost-efficient than buying a one-size-fits-all computer from the big box retail stores.

With a bit of information, a local computer repair expert can build you a custom computer that contains all of the specs and resources you need, often times at a competitive or even less price.

Final Thoughts

I tend to recommend computers that are comfortable, affordable and reliable. Price is always a factor, but most importantly it’s reviews, and how the company has handled errors with their product.

Which is why I always recommend reading reviews thoroughly, and making strong decisions based on all of the information you’re presented, not just some of an opinion.

No matter the reason or need, having a reliable computer for you and your family is like having a reliable oven, dishwasher or dryer. The internet and its tools are crucial for anyone living in today’s world, allowing access to communication, planning, education and more.

Doug is dedicated to helping folks equip themselves with the best tools available to them in the 21st century to ensure their success and prosperity as the future unfolds.

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I’m Buying a New Computer Doug, Help!

Great! Just like any tool whether a wrench, stereo or car, replacing an important tool like your computer isn’t as […]

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